Pension Europa / UK

Premiere United Kingdom

Step into the captivating world of Pension Europa, a groundbreaking theatre production brought to life by the visionary director Martin Gruber and the talented actors of the aktionstheater ensemble. With unapologetic honesty, the production takes the form of a mesmerising stream of consciousness, immersing you in the captivating stories of the ensemble members as they navigate their place in the greater (European) context and explore themes of self-expression, racism, and authenticity. Unafraid to tackle taboo subjects, Pension Europa reflects on who feels welcomed and who feels marginalised in today’s society. A powerful reminder of the transformative potential of art, this reflective work challenges what theatre can be and invites audiences to find a collective path forward. Get your tickets now for Pension Europa: Live at Wonderville in London!

Datum Zeit Stück Spielstätte Ort
03.08.23 20.00 Pension Europa / UK Wonderville London
04.08.23 20.00 Pension Europa / UK Wonderville London


„The plays of the aktionstheater ensemble are cult. Fast, boldly, political (…) the quality of the text work is exceptional.“

Theater Heute, GER

„For long sections, the dialogues take on the appearance of a conglomerate of the young Elfriede Jelinek of Liebhaberinnen and Thomas Bernhard.“, GER

„For decades, the theatremaker Martin Gruber and his aktionstheater ensemble have become a reliable seismograph of socio-political shifts and fractures.“

Profil, AT

„Director Martin Gruber sees himself with his aktionstheater ensemble as a rapid reaction force, what burns under the nails belongs on the stage. That’s how strong, gripping theatre with its finger on the pulse of time was created.“

Die Bühne, AT

„Gruber makes political theater that, after years of post-dramatic constructs, brings the basic concepts of the real back onto the stage, while operating in a highly condensed aesthetic manner. (…) One really wants to see more of Gruber’s troupe.“

Die Tageszeitung, IT

„One of the best ensembles in Austria.“

Falter, AT